Real Money Slots

If you are experienced in gambling or looking for some thrill, then playing real money slots is perfect for you. However, the world of gambling can be wild. Playing casino slots involves risking your money. For such reasons, consider playing new slots without having to make deposits with money. No deposit or contact details are needed to play the demo. Simply set your choice among popular options in slots to play free demo mode to get some practice. Once you have scored a few winning combinations, you might consider levelling up your gameplay. This means wagering on these slots with money bets in online casinos.

The Best Real Money Slots Available

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Types of Real Money Slots by Denomination

There are different types of great machines to gamble on when it comes to online slots for real money. They vary in the number of paylines, reels, plots, complexity, etc. The most common type of slot categorization is based on denominations. Here is the classification of real money titles on the basis of denominations.

This is the lowest value of the currency in slots and hence suits all the newbie punters. It is the most affordable slots option and is also available through online gaming websites. This category usually targets low-rollers who prefer small bets.
The nickel slots are very similar to penny games. These machines accept both the pennies and nickels. The very name suggests that these are low-cost slots. Despite betting with nickel, you have every chance to win big. Especially, when you try them with real money and even hit the jackpot.
These slot machines are still having a good time in brick and mortar casinos. The slots in the category come with higher bets, and the potential payouts are also bound to be higher. You can place bets with a wide range of coin values from pennies to quarter. With quarter coin bets, you can place bigger bets yet activate fewer paylines. These titles are suited for gamblers who like to wager on a tight budget.
This is another popular denomination based slot machine loved by many punters. Many prefer to place stakes with $1 at the start as it gives them the option to test their luck without spending huge amounts. Many online slots sites offer single dollar titles for the avid gamblers. It can open up plenty of winning options since many games in the category come with a progressive jackpot feature. Also, it adds more flexibility since players can experiment with the number of paylines and bet sizes.

How to Choose the Real Money Slot to Play?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you choose to play and spin slots online for real money on mobile or desktop sites:

  • Select a familiar gaming option:Β  If you used a certain online casino to play a particular slot in demo mode, it is best to opt for the same and play it with real bets. By playing the slot in demo mode on a desktop or mobile device, you will be better prepared and familiar with the game.
  • Check rules and game description: Whether you choose to play a Microgaming online slot or any other slots brand, check bonus features, RTP and volatility to set expectations and decide on a budget.
  • Choose regulated and licensed site:Β  When it comes to prizes and money payouts, you need to be sure that you can cash out your winnings in a timely fashion with no hindrance.
  • Use loyalty rewards:Β  If you are a new member of a slots site, you can claim an online welcome bonus offer from the casino. For existing members, all they are required to put in is time and wager on different games. This, in turn, entitles them to loyalty points, prizes, and rewards. With loyalty points, you get a tailor-made service, which reduces withdrawal time and increases the limits on the same.

Advantages of Playing Real Money Slots vs Free Slots

When you are a newbie, you will find it easier to play the online free slots first and with a bonus before starting with real stakes. However, once you are experienced and explore the different requirements of playing the casino slot games, you would be ready to play online slots in pursuit of winning real money. This strategy gives several advantages, and they are:

  • Access to reputable sites: Free gameplay is good for testing online site, finding your favourite slots, checking banking offers and bonus schemes on a particular casino website. Generally, bonuses and other promotions can help you win bigger when you play slots online for real money. Casinos come in versions for both mobile and desktop, and with the demo, you can check what you like better with no risks.
  • Use of welcome bonuses:Β  The real gambling experience comes only with real money bets. To get the taste of real risk, you have to switch to the full paid version. For that, you need to wager real money on paylines of a reel game. Simply make a quick minimal deposit as per privacy and payment terms. Once that is done, you have access to welcome bonuses on a desktop or mobile. The online bonus can be a matchup percentage for your deposit or comprise free spins on particular slots that you need to use up fast. This type of bonus offer is for the first time signup members.
  • Access to progressive jackpots:Β  This is another advantage for a player who decides to wager on reels of slots with real money and bonus. They will find a higher range to bet on and have the chance to land progressive jackpots as well with bonuses.

RTP, RNG & Volatility Free Slots vs Real Money Slots

Some of the key concepts that guide players about slots are RTP,RNG and volatility.

  • RTP in free slots would remain the same as in their real money versions. When you wager on a video slot with real money RTP rate is particularly crucial. RTP shows how much the slot pays back to the players in the form of payouts over time.
  • RNG is the short form for the random number generator that all classic and video casino slots run on. It is a gambling standard ensuring fair and random results. No matter if you play a jackpot slot with money wagers, bonus money or with no money at all, all the machines use RNG.
  • Volatility is another aspect to look at when you are about to use your credit card for spinning the reels of any slots, either on desktop or mobile. Volatility describes the manner in which payouts occur in a particular slot. If a slot comes with high volatility, it means wins are rare but large. On the other hand, if the software has low volatility, wins are obtained much easier, yet they are meagre.

The above points are basic aspects that players need to know regardless if they decide to play for free or with real money. The metrics of RTP and volatility are the same for free slots as well as their real money counterparts on all devices. The free demo version ensures the same random outcomes as the paid one, thanks to RNG. Thus, you can be confident that payouts, bonus spins of slots are purely based on luck.

Real Money Slots Deposit Options

Once you are set to play popular options at an online casino, all you need to do is have a registered and verified account before you make a deposit through the different banking methods available. After that, you can claim bonus money to play with. In order to increase the chances of winning high progressive jackpots, all you need to do is bet higher on the reels and all paylines. A player can start so even with a minimum deposit, especially if they use the match-up percentage bonuses that the different casinos provide.

Here is the variety of payment methods available on most casino sites:

  • Bitcoin: This is a safe way to deposit and play, especially if one has cryptocurrencies in their crypto wallets waiting to be used. Transfers using this online method are prompt. However, not every gambling website offers this mode of payment for playing. A few sites offer bonuses for using this payment option. So, you can play slots for real money yet with some bonus on top.
  • PayPal:Β  This is a safe and fast payment transfer method online. You don’t need to reveal your bank or card details at the time of making a deposit using this method that keeps the privacy factor high. It is also a common method available for most international licensed domains. Some gambling sites also offer bonuses for using this deposit option.
  • Debit & Credit Card:Β  This is one of the oldest and convenient methods to make payments online. Though it is not as fast and secure as compared to eWallets, it is a common option for players who do not have an eWallet account registered. It also suits the players who do not want to divulge their bank account information online. Processing payment through a credit or debit card is pretty quick.

Real Money Slots FAQs

  • How to choose a winning slot machine to play with real money?

Check top recommendations for slots that are great to play with cash or bonus money. In general, pick a slot that has a good RTP percentage. Those that have free spins and bonus rounds as features are decent slot machines to play since they provide multiple ways of winning.

  • Which slot machine to pick for the beginner player?

If you are looking for slots that are best for the beginners, it is best to look at classic 3-reel design games. These have a huge range in the market and have simple features that are easy to figure out. Based on your experience, budget and preference, you will find a match among the recommended slots.

  • What are the most popular slots in 2020?

Pretty the same casino games retain popularity throughout the years. In 2020 the top games are Starburst, Immortal Romance, Gonzo’s Quest, Book of Ra. Many casinos attach bonus deals to these games, which include free spins and bonus money.


Once you are confident of the different features of specific free slots, you would be ready to wager money and abide by the terms that you need to in real money slots. They are the same as their free slot counterparts. The only difference is that you see outcomes for real, and spins can bring you either real winnings in your player account or losses. With the right playing strategies and bonus money on offer, you can make the most out of your money wagers and maximize wins. So, play online slots and win real money with the help of luck on both mobile or desktop.