Flaming Hot Slot EGT

Flaming Hot Slot by EGT

If there was ever a perfect name for a casino game, it should be ‘Flaming Hot.’ And this slot is true to its name. Flaming Hot online slot is, well, flaming hot. The fruity theme of this game is a refreshing break from the day’s stress. How could you not love it?

Flaming Hot slot game is a classic. Simple as that. It brings all the goodness of a fruit slots machine right to your fingertips. Spinning the wheel will open you up to lots of great prizes, coins, and huge cash returns. And the game has one of the best jackpots in the gambling industry.

This slot’s good reviews will not surprise dealers and operators already familiar with EGT. This slot industry was founded in Bulgaria 18 years ago, but its slots have travelled worldwide. Flaming Hot slot machine is just one of their excellent slots.

Other slots, like 100 cats, Dice High, Dragon Hot, and Rich World, have also amassed great successes in the gambling and casino gaming industry.

Flaming Hot Slot Machine

Hot Flaming Overview

What do we love about this game? A lot, starting with its straightforward design. Many modern games are usually complex, especially in their design and animation. Not an online Flaming Hot slot machine, though.

Free Flaming Hot slot machine online retains the simple design many fruit machines are known for. Nothing too complicated, just simple and straightforward.

The aesthetics of slot machine Flaming Hot also differ from modern slots. The animations are ordinary, there are few sound effects, and the graphics aren’t exactly stellar. However, the game makes up for this with its jackpots, bonuses, and free spins.

Everything about Flaming Hot casino games is simple. And before you ask, that is by no means a bad thing. It just means you can focus solely on the game and its refreshing theme. It also means gameplay is better, especially on mobile devices.

You can play the Flaming Hot slot game online for free or for money. The game fits perfectly on mobile screens, further raising your gambling experience.

How Flaming Hot works?

Online Flaming Hot slot machine has five reels and four rows. The reels in this game aren’t tumbling reels. There is a total of forty paylines on the Flaming Hot online slots.

The highest amount of coins you can win on Flaming Hot slots is 20000. The minimum amount you can bet with is 0.4 dollars, and the maximum, 240 dollars.

The game has an RTP of 95.53%. That isn’t too high, but it wouldn’t matter too much if you go on a lucky streak with the right combo. Honestly, the bonuses on this game lead to better winning chances. If you spin the wheel often, there’s an autoplay feature to help you out.

Flaming Hot slots has classic symbols. Most of the symbols are fruits: watermelon, cherry, peach, apple, grapes, and banana icons. The other symbols are the seven and gold bar. The scatter symbol for Flaming Hot is a golden dollar sign. The golden dollar sign doubles as the jackpot symbol.

You can only land the wild symbols on the three middle reels. This symbol can replace all the symbols in the Flaming Hot bar except for the scatter symbol. You can also make cash winnings if you land at least three scatter symbols across all reels.

The payout, of course, depends on the number of scatter symbols you land. If you land three, your earning is 2x your bet. If you land four, you can make 20x your spin. Landing five scatter symbols will pay out 500x your bet.

The jackpot in Flaming Hot slots is progressive. There is also an all-or-nothing gamble feature. But again, let’s not spoil the excitement. We’ll get there.

Bonus Features

Flaming Hot Slot Bonus Game

The jackpot feature is one way to earn lots of coins in the Flaming Hots slot game. The jackpot system is progressive and involves four card suits.

The coin rewards you will earn in the jackpot feature depend on the level of card suit you get. The first level is clubs, the second is diamonds, the third is hearts, and the fourth and last is spades.

There is nothing you can do to influence the type of jackpot card suit you will pull. What you get is totally random. You start picking the cards at the jackpot feature at the end of a spin.

There are twelve cards that are turned away from you, so you don’t know the card value. To earn, you have to pick three cards of the same suit. The first three matching cards you pick will determine your instant prize. For example, three cards with hearts will give rewards of level 3.

Note that you need to bet by up to 100 dollars to be eligible for the jackpot feature.

There is also a gamble feature in Flaming Hot online slots. This feature is entirely all-or-nothing. Win-or-bust. No in-betweens. Like the jackpot feature, it is random too and appears at the end of a spin.

This gamble feature only applies to wins equal to or less than 150000. You can either double your earning or lose all of it. All-or-nothing. You also have to pick cards here. But unlike the jackpot feature, there are no values or levels here—just colours.

You will pick between a red or black suit before the card is shown. If what you pick before-hand is what comes up, you double your earnings. If the other colour shows up, you lose your earnings. A combination of both jackpot features can significantly increase your chances of hitting a big payout.


Beginner Tips

The betting options in Flaming Hot slots aren’t conventional. Beginners may not understand the amount they are betting. Therefore, it is recommended to play Flaming Hot slots online for free before risking real money.

There is also the added benefit of getting yourself accustomed to the winning combinations and working the game. You can find the Flaming Hot free online slots on many sites.

Bet responsibly. We don’t have to say much on this, do we?

Flaming Hot vs Other Slots

Slot name RTP Volatility Paylines Rows Reels Free spins Bonus rounds
Flaming Hot 95.53% High 40 4 5
Quick Hit 94.06% High 30 3 5 + +
Wolf Run 94.98% Low to medium 40 4 5 +


Mobile Experience

You can enjoy the Flaming Hot slot game on mobile devices and desktops. This slot game is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. On both phones and tablets, you can play the game without stress.

Flaming Hot has simple graphics, gameplay, design, animations, and soundtrack, making it mostly compatible with almost all devices. You can also play the demo smoothly on your mobile device.

The Flaming Hot free online slot offers the same gaming experience as the paid version. And there is also no apparent edge in playing on different devices.


Flaming Hot is a classic casino game reminiscent of fruit machines. The overall theme of the game is fruity and refreshing. The game features a jackpot feature right at the top in the gambling industry. You can win fantastic instant prizes and lots of money with these features.

Its simple design means beginners will have no problem understanding how the game works. Spin and win!


  • Can I play for free?

You can play Flaming Hot by EGT online for free at various online casinos.

  • Can I play without download?

Yes, you can play the Flaming Hot slot game without a download. The demo is available on many online casinos.

  • Who is the provider of the Flaming Hot slot machine?


  • How to choose a place to play?

There are many online casinos where you can play. Look for a reputable one with lots of good reviews, and you can play on it.

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