smash the pig slot machine

Smash the Pig Slot Machine by IGT

What comes to mind when you think of the slot name, Smash the Pig? Perhaps, a wild fest with some random cartoon man chasing pigs, intent on squashing them? Well, far from it. Smash the Pig is essentially about piggy banks – break them and find money, so much of it! Here goes the Smash the Pig slot review. The Smash the Pig slot game began its casino game run in 2017 as an IGT brainchild. Though it is yet to rank as the most popular slot game by the same developer, Smash the Pig has made huge leaps in grabbing the hearts of many game lovers in such a short time! Most games developed by IGT have similar features, often distinguished primarily by the themes. IGT is a small developer famous for creating software with simple graphics for slot and poker games. The setup in the free Smash the Pig slot machine online speaks to such simplicity.Some popular slot games developed by the operators of Smash the Pig online slot include Wolf Run, Golden Goddess, Double Diamond, Wheel of Fortune, Cleopatra, White Orchid and Cats.

Smash the Pig Slot IGT

Smash the Pig Overview

If you’re a fan of  free video slot games, you would love Smash the Pig. Simply, it’s a smash hit with exciting features, a simple layout, a fantastic theme, and mind-blowing bonuses. Only a few similar theme slots can beat its reach!Smash the Pig lacks free spin options and wild symbols. Plus, you might not grab as many coins as compared to many online casino slots. Still, the gaming experience would indubitably leave you cheery with glee.If you’re like me, chances are you wouldn’t care too much if the game had no storyline, high-tech sounds and quick action. You would go for any simple and straightforward slot game with a fantastic gaming experience. By effect, you would choose Smash the Pig. The smooth run of the Smash the Pig slot machine is an added plus to the slot’s simplicity. Some users complain about the difficulty of activating bonus features at low stakes.

How Smash the Pig Works?

In a world of online casino slot games, where providers develop grand competitive slots, Smash the Pig stands out of the crowd bearing a twig of difference. No, don’t take my word for it till you have tried it out, yourself.This slot boasts of five reels and three rows. There are twenty paylines, all of which support paying both ways, whether left-to-right or right-to-left. Smash the Pig usually comes with a return to player (RTP) percentage of between 92.15% and 96.17%.The Smash the Pig jackpot is fair and decent but non-progressive. All that is required is to line up a couple of highest ranked symbols, bronze coins, hammer, the logo, or cash, five of any. The symbol with the highest paying potential is the Smash the Pig logo, five of which can push your bankroll to around 500 times of your bet. The system is all-accommodating, permitting a wide range of bets from as low as $0.01 per line or $200 per spin. The game’s volatility is low to medium, which ensures you don’t lose interest along the way. At the same time, it throws out some little gains regularly. Online Smash the Pig slot machines have pay tables that pay both ways (that is, left-to-right and right-to-left), with reduced risk of losing your money. Smash the Pig slot doesn’t feature free spins and wild symbols, unlike many other video slots.In Smash the Pig, the symbols are simple to use, featuring popular icons in playing cards – Jack pays the lowest while Ace brings in huge returns. Other symbols available in the slot include bronze coins, hammer, and Smash the Pig logo.

Bonus Features

There are just two bonus features on the Smash the Pig casino game, both of which rely on landing scatters. But when you come to think of it, you would realize two is just enough.What happens when you hit up to three scatters in the reels? You trigger the Pick a Pig bonus! A set of pigs would be arranged on the middle reel; you would select one of them to get a reward. The reward varies from 1-20 times your bet, or you get an additional bonus game. The Pig Smashing bonus brings more fantastic winnings than the Pick a Pig. It can be activated by hitting off up to three of the scatter bonus symbols. Automatically, the luck meter comes on while you smash a continuous combo of pigs with rewards of 1-20 times your bet per Pig. If you smash five pigs in a row with some luck remaining, the luck meter fills up to replace the depleted part.

Beginners Tips

Basically, there isn’t much to state in this section. Just like all slots on Free Vegas Slots ,Smash the Pig slot machine was designed in a way that any beginner should quickly get the hang of the mechanics and workings of the slot on the go. It’s simple and has an easy user interface. However, there are tips you may like to consider for a robust gaming experience. If you stick to them as a beginner, it might surprise you to find how enjoyable and rewarding the game can get. You could be on a winning streak for a long.

  1. Consider the unpaid trial (demo) before going in with real cash. This would help you get acquainted with the system, mechanics, and payouts without risking your money. The free online Smash the Pig slot machine offers an option that enables you to relax while playing the game and get the hang of it.
  2. You may utilize all paylines available to you. This adds to your overall gaming experience.
  3. Smash the Pig feature allows you to pay both ways, left-to-right and vice versa. Trying it out might up the chances of filling your piggy bank quicker.
  4. Look out for the bonus games and take them seriously.

Smash the Pig vs. Other Slots

Slotname RTP Volatility Paylines Rows Reels Freespins BonusRounds
Smash the Pig 92.15 -96.17% Low to Medium 20 3 5 +
DolphinTreasure 94.88% Low 20 3 5 + +
MissKitty 94.76% Medium 50 4 5 + +

Mobile Experience

Smash the Pig free online slot works pretty well on PC and mobile devices. You can download it to any device, from Androids and iPhones to iPads and other tablets. A demo mode serves as a trial for users who want to learn the mechanics before putting in real money. You should try this feature out, especially to get a feel of the payout system. Besides downloading the game onto your mobile phone, you may like to play the Smash the Pig slot game online. The experience is more or less the same, with as low as 20 per spin.

Smash the Pig Slot IGT


Smash the Pig is an excellent game, for the most part, considering the unique features and simple graphics.It is compatible with mobile devices and PCs and suitable for everyone, both young and old. The gameplay gets funny while on it, and you can quickly get familiar with its simple mechanics. There’s a lot of cash to be won, though it may not pay really well in the long run.


  • How to play Smash the Pig for fun?

The best way to enjoy the game while having fun is to play Smash the Pig slot online for free. This way, you relax, assured that either way, win or lose, it was worth the while! The demo was designed for fun.

  • Can I play Smash the Pig without download or registration?

Yes, you can play Smash the Pig by IGT online for free without downloading to any device. There are lots of casino sites online.

  • How to choose a place to play Smash the Pig?

The fact is that the website doesn’t really matter. You can choose any one of the several casinos online. The gaming experience should be alike anywhere you choose.

  • Who is the provider of the Smash the Pig slot machine?