Quick Hit Platinum Slot

Quick Hit Slot Machine by Bally

As far as classic casino hits and that memorable ‘Vegas experience’ goes, it doesn’t get better until you play the Quick Hit. Quick Hit is a very engaging game with an incredibly simple design, making it easy to master, unlike many modern games today.The makers of the Quick Hit series are Bally. This gaming company’s roots trace back to the 1930s, with their pioneer game being a pinball game known as Ballyhoo. Since then, they have come a long way, making a reputable name in the gaming industry with their five-star technology and exciting games.Aside from Quick Hit, Bally’s cabinet also includes popular games like Blazing 7s and Hot Shot.

Quick Hit Platinum Slot game

Quick Hit Overview

The Quick Hit slot game is one of the most favourite online slot machines among fans because it offers the real Las Vegas gambling experience to interested players. Only that this time, you get to enjoy the frenzy without leaving the comfort of your couch.Even more impressive is that Quick Hit is a free slot machine. You can easily enjoy all the online slot machines without tearing your pocket.The uniqueness of Quick Hit lies in the simplicity of its design. Besides, many players of this game were already conversant with its slot games from time in Vegas.All the games in the Quick Hit series have a 5-reel layout. The paylines on individual reels depend on the symbols and the spots on them. However, there are typically thirty paylines on reels. Speaking of symbols, Quick Hit uses some of the prevalent ones, like Bars and Bells.Different series have different symbols, but one recurring symbol in all Quick Hit series is Quick Hit. And before you ask, that’s not a typo. The Quick Hit symbol is typically associated with better payouts.As I said, the classic feel of this game is one that catches the eye. However, it is not all sunshine with Quick Hit.To start with, many players who have tried to play Quick Hit Online Slot complained that there aren’t nearly enough bonuses, and payouts are not encouraging. However, many users seem to hold different positions about these claims.I believe that much like the other slot games offered by Bally, the Quick Hit slot machine is a game of strategy. As a result, you will never really make huge profits until you’ve done your homework- master the game.Indeed, the slot game is truly engaging. Nonetheless, your chances of winning are very slim if you don’t know your onion before gameplay. Don’t worry, in this exclusive Quick Hit slot review, we will offer some tips which you can use to ace your game and maximize your winning.

How Quick Hit Works?

One fascinating thing about Quick Hit online slot is that there are many selections of games to choose from. Each of the games has its rules, regulations, and distinguishing features. In simple terms, the games are different enough for you to be able to choose among them. Some of the everyday Quick Hit games are Black Gold, Pro, and Cash Wheel. Again, the games are different in reel and payline-structures. They also have different payouts and bonuses. These differences in the games make it difficult to offer a one-size-fits-all model for playing Quick Hit. Users may need a little trial-and-error to determine which game they are most comfortable with.There are several symbols in Quick Hit games, depending on the particular game you are playing. Some symbols, like the Quick Hit symbol, are attributed to higher earnings and jackpots. Other common symbols are cherries, $, bars, and 777.The paylines also differ with each slot game. Quick Hit Platinum, for instance, has thirty possible paylines, while Quick Hit Pro has forty. However, despite the uniqueness and distinguishing features of the games, there are always five reels. That bit is constant.It’s right back to variances with the maximum and minimum bets. Different games have different maximum and minimum bets, with some games having as high as a thousand dollars maximum bet. The minimum bet in Quick Hit is 0.01 dollars, and some games even have slightly higher minimum stakes.The jackpot paytable also varies from game to game in Quick Hit. In games like the Premium, you can get about 5000 times your stake with the Quick Hit symbol jackpot. The jackpots for other games are typically within 1000 and 3000 times the stake.You also have the opportunity to use autospin on the slot machine. This feature comes in handy when you have a lot of spins to make.

Bonus features

Quick Hit demo slot has many daily bonuses, coins, free spins, and outstanding wagering bonuses and fantastic promotions to enjoy. However, you have to claim one of their bonus features to win any money from online games, which is not too difficult to learn.Every Quick Hit casino game has a special symbol that leads to a bonus game. As you may expect, the bonus games also vary from game to game. The exact trigger for the bonus game is that special symbol appearing simultaneously on the three middle reels.Some bonuses also bring free casino games. Again, you can spin a free slot machine at the start of the game to stock up on some cash.Although some other features aren’t as profitable, but also very welcoming additions, some examples of such features are the ‘gifting and invite’ feature, which, as the name implies, involves inviting friends for more daily bonuses.Another peculiarity is the featured slot. With this slot, you know if there are more exciting slots at other levels of a game. It changes from time to time. And lastly, the bonus wheel. The more you play, the more bonus you may get. You can spin this wheel for free, and it refreshes from time to time. You can get lots of coins from the bonus wheel. The great feature is that it’s free.One problem many have with these bonus features and games is the frequency with which they appear. And spoiler alert, not very much.

Quick Hit Platinum Slot Paytable

Beginner Tips

The online slots are, to a very high degree, various. The implication of this is that you can’t manipulate it. However, you can still adopt some strategies to have maximum fun while enjoying a considerable profit and money while playing the games.Here are some tips you need to know as a beginner that will smoothen your playing experience.

  • Be watchful for bonuses. Some bonuses on Quick Hit, like the bonus wheel, refresh from time to time. You should watch for these bonuses and claim them as soon as you see them put yourself in a prime position to win a lot.
  • Learn the features of a game before playing. Slot casino games on Quick Hit are quite different with different mechanisms and structures. It only makes sense to know what you want to play before playing.
  • Study the paytable. Despite the random nature of the online slots, you may still be able to draw up a winning combination if you check the paytable carefully.
  • Bet responsibly. Again, I shouldn’t have to say this. Please set limits, and stick to them.

Quick Hit Casino vs Other Slots

Slot name RTP Volatility Paylines Rows Reels Free spins Bonus Rounds
Quick Hit 94.06% 30 5 + +
Double Diamond 95.44% 1 3 +
Buffalo 94.58% low-medium 1024 5 + +

Mobile Experience

This game is compatible with both Android and iOS gadgets. Android devices users can get the game at the Google Play Store, while iOS users have to use the App Store. The game is also available on the iPhone and iPad and has been steady in its rankings.Quick Hit has been recommended with a 4.5/5 rating on App Store and 4.4 on the Google Play Store. There is no apparent edge or advantage from playing on different operating systems. This effectively squashes fears of whether iOS users may be in a better winning position than Android users.


Quick Hit is a favourite video slot machine among gambling enthusiasts because of its simple nature and because it brings back many classic games and symbols. Quick Hit is a big hit. There are various online casino games to choose from, making it difficult to get bored playing the game and increasing your chances of making huge money.However, many still find an issue with the frequency of its bonuses and its payout structure, hopefully correcting the line.


  • How to play for fun?

You can play without making any deposits, just for fun. It’s like the real gameplay, but without real money. It’s entertaining, especially with friends and relatives.

  • Can I play for free?

Yes, you can play the slot games for free on many online sites for as long as you want. No deposit is needed.

  • Can I play without download?

Yes, you can play Quick Hit without necessarily downloading on your mobile device.

  • How to choose a place to play?

There are several sites online that offer the chance to play these casino games.